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Hungry for more? Affordable Daily Delivered Meals is a Basic Human Right.
Meet the personal chef for the rest of us. Our SIMPLE Manifesto. 💌
Our Simple Manifesto
Nosh Simple is a delivery-only kitchen for everyday meals at everyday low prices. At our roots, everything we do is about empowering all Americans. No matter where you came from, where you’re going, a wholesome meal will help you get there. As America’s personal chef, we bring healthy and efficient meals home so you can do more with less. Good food is essential in a healthier, happier world. Why should good be pricey?
It All Started with a Very Sad Sandwich…
I was building my second startup in San Francisco. A fintech dedicated to helping the “little guys” compete with big banks, our mission was clear and the hours were long. Since I wasn’t paying myself a salary yet, every lunchtime was a reminder that my wallet was as empty as my growling stomach. My options weren’t great, even in one of the largest cities in America. Local restaurants were expensive and underwhelming (foodflation!), and the closest fast food was 15-minutes away. Factor in long lines and the trip back and that’s an hour lost to a greasy burger.
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Local Before Local Was Cool
I was fresh out of business school when Groupon was leading a “local-first” e-commerce revolution. I built the first and one of the largest local commerce daily deal businesses in Asia. We scaled from one city to over 100 in just 9 months by giving local mom-and-pop businesses visibility to a wider audience. Technology like our platform helped them compete and I felt honored to drive more business to their door. Even after Groupon went public and the “daily deals” fad faded – I knew that local commerce had global potential. Today, local commerce as a category is redefined by household names like Uber, DoorDash, Groupon, Yelp, and AirBnb that act locally but think globally.
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Houston 🚀 , We Have a (Kitchen) Problem
We knew that fees, tips, and menu mark-ups were the thorn in the side of the food delivery model. Think about how many times you’ve limited your DoorDash order – or canceled it entirely – when you saw the costs piling up. While our customers loved getting the food they wanted without the extra costs, they still struggled with the guilt and all-in expenses of restaurant food itself. Meanwhile, local restaurants’ cost structure is eating up restaurant owners’ profit margins like never before. If we want to fix this broken world, we have to go beyond traditional restaurants’ antiquated cost structure. And to innovate on that, we needed our own kitchen.
But I’m an MIT-trained engineer, Navy veteran and entrepreneur, not a chef by trade. Having sensitive taste buds and a lowly love for playing "Overcooked" aside, not wanting to cook every day is what inspired this idea in the first place. So I went up the chain and engaged one of the best culinary teams in the country (the same group that helped 75% of America’s top restaurant chains), to help us answer the question on so many people’s minds - what am I gonna eat this week?
Fill Up on Food – Not Guilt
From the busy mom after soccer practice to the nurse with a 20-minute lunch break, and the student tired of dining hall mystery meat, it’s the question keeping everyone HANGRY. DoorDash eats up your wallet. Meal kits mean monthly commitments and 45+ minutes making the same boring pasta dish. Fast Food is a fast pass to health problems. A good meal shouldn't feel like a guilty pleasure. That’s why we used innovation to bend the affordability cost curve of delivered meals, and built a scalable manufacturing and distribution model that feeds working professionals, busy families, students, and anyone with more appetite than money to spend or time to cook.
Nosh Simple delivers delicious, nutritious, fresh meals daily for just 7 bucks a meal – no commitment. Feeling Thai? Indian? Need gluten-free? Choose from over 20 different cuisines and dietary options every week. You decide what day you want it, we cook it, chill it, and bring it straight to your door – just heat it and eat it.
Like a Personal Chef You Can Actually Afford
Because we’re cheaper and healthier than takeout, easier than cooking, and infinitely more satisfying than some sad meal replacement shake, Nosh Simple is fueling America’s culinary revolution. And our customers can feel it. Whether I’m personally making deliveries and talking to our customers, monitoring our near 5-star Google reviews, or observing our impressive reorder rates, I can see that we’re satisfying more than appetites, we’re giving people their time and energy back, so that they can do more of what they love with whom they love.
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Catering to Those Who Crave More Than a Meal
My mother was a first-generation immigrant and a single mother who worked multiple jobs to make ends meet. Growing up with her in the Hispanic suburbs of LA, I learned how to be scrappy and get things done - even when we didn’t have much. I later spent 15 years in local commerce and built repeatable systems that address local demand at a global scale for consistently exceptional results. Today, that innate ability to do more with less guides our everyday choices at Nosh Simple. We take pride and joy in inventing less costly ways to do things, thereby passing those savings on to all of us, including the rest of us.
As a busy entrepreneur, my biggest challenge is staying focused on only what’s most important. I know I share that challenge with my customers who are juggling their work, family, goals, and hobbies every single day. They’re hungry…for health, success, and connection. And whether we’ve chosen to prioritize time with our families or a healthier lifestyle, food will ALWAYS be a crucial piece of every human experience. And it shouldn’t be a budget-wrecking hassle.
Today, Nosh Simple offers way more than great food. Every delicious dish we deliver saves time, reduces costs, and eliminates stress - for everyone who craves more than just a meal.
It’s time to chore less and live more. Let’s eat differently, and live better.
All for one and one for all,
By Aaron
Founder, Nosh Simple
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