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9× Challenge
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While Unlocking Free Meals
“Nosh Simply Wonderful!" — Steve M, a Nosh Member
Dear Houston Noshers:
Attached to your recent meal delivery, you may have found a personal Greeting Card and a batch of Gift Cards that look like this.
Each Gift Card you've received is personally pre-programmed for you, so that if you gift it to your loved ones, they'll enjoy their "1st Meal Free" on us (excl. shipping), and if they do claim their meal gift, we'll track it and you'll earn 3 free meals for each new member. Hand them out, and if you need more, ask us by text 832.583.2900.
By the way, you can also use your unique Nosh member invite link below. Folks who visit the link will enjoy the same "1st Meal Free" offer, and you'll earn the same 3 free meals.
This "9X Challenge" page will continue to track all of the new invites from all Noshers, such that if we hit our "9X" goal together, everyone who participates will receive 9 meals, each.
As stated in your Greeting Card, this "9X Challenge" is for you, by you. Without big marketing budgets, we rely on your WORD-of-mouth to grow, so that with more scale, more savings can be passed on to that with more scale, more savings can be passed on to YOU.
Let's build together to make daily fresh meal delivery affordable for all.
Yours, Nosh Team
3 Free Meals Awarded
PER "1st Meal Free" Claimed
9 Extra Free Meals for Everyone!
Once We Reach 9×
Give friend a FREE meal and earn 3 FREE meals. Yep, for every friend, family, colleague or dog (just kiddin) you invite to simply try a meal for free on us, you get 3 meals
awarded for EACH person No upper limit.
Share link with friends
Friend claims 1st free meal offer
You earn 3 free meals for each
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