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20 Reasons to Use Nosh Simple
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Reason #1: Nosh Simple Solves the “Healthy, Tasty, Affordable, Pick 2” Problem
Remember the last time you had a tasty, healthy meal for cheap? Like, never? Healthier foods are not tasty; tasty foods…not that healthy. Price, they’re all ridiculous! Nosh Simple has this “Triple Harmony” Affordable? Yes. `Healthy? Yes. Tasty? Absolutely. " No more trade offs.
Reason #2: Nosh Simple Helps You Break up with Yucky Frozen Food
Bad surprises from frozen foods? Throw out your packaged frozen foods, and wave goodbye to freezer burn blues! All meals at Nosh Simple are wholesome, made fresh, chilled and never frozen, macro-transparent across 20 cuisines and dietary options, with local ingredients you can actually pronounce.
Reason #3: Nosh Simple Helps You Break up with Junkie Fast Food
Do you have junk food regrets? Just in the last 24 hours, 2 out of 5 Americans just ate fast food, and everyone knows fast food is fast-pass to health problems and wants it to be healthier. But sometimes, it’s the only affordable convenient option. No more! Nosh Simple offers healthy delivered meals at prices less than driving through McDonald’s, where guilty pleasures become guilt-free treasures!
Reason #4: Meal Prep is Wasteful & Sometimes Unhealthy, Nosh Simple is a Game Changer
Let’s talk about your meal prep chores. Sure it squanders time. Sure it wastes leftovers. But did you know that it actually hurts health if you repeatedly eat the same chicken-and-rice? Science shows eating variety extends longevity. Nosh Simple’s 20 cuisine and dietary options improves my health, and saves me from my chopping chores, so I get back more “me” time.
Reason #5: Nosh Simple Rescues Busy Superhero Parents
Calling all parents! Do you feel that sometimes you have to choose between either daily cooking stress, OR feeding your family with McDonalds because it’s the only easy option for a big family. Superhero parents deserve a kitchen break. Nosh Simple flavorfully saves time, and feeds your family with healthy ingredients you can look up. Your loved ones deserve it.
Reason #6: Nosh Simple Rescues Busy Medical Professionals from Odd-Hour Stress
Calling all medical superheroes! You know who you are! Busy, late hours, and too tired to come home having to grocery shop, cook and clean. Makes even less sense if you’re living alone, but hey what restaurants are still open at 10pm? Probably not many. Nosh Simple has your back with delicious meals at ANY hour. Say NO to more stress. Say YES to staying healthy, and fed!
Reason #7: With Daily Delivery that’s Daily Affordable, Nosh Simple Really IS the One-and-Only
Fed up with DoorDash fees? UberEats too pricey to order everyday? I get you. I also know going out to eat daily drains your wallet. Meal subscriptions? After the promo, it’s JUST as pricey. Why wait for special occasions to treat yourself? Convenient everyday meals should NOT feel like a guilty pleasure. With its ongoing $7/meal including free delivery, anyone can afford an indulgence.
Reason #8: Chef-Crafted Nosh Simple Tastes Really Good, Period
The #1 most important thing in food? Obviously taste. With its everyday low prices, Nosh Simple’s food flavors are unexpectedly good. Menu changes weekly and almost all of the dishes from the more than 20 cuisine-and-dietary-option menu, has FLAVOR written as their middle names. As it turns out, Nosh Simple hired America’s most wanted chefs to research their recipes, of course! Small prices, big flavors and big portions.
Reason #9: Nosh Simple has NO Subscriptions. Meal Habits not Meal Plans
Tired of meal subscriptions that you forgot to cancel and only have once a week delivery? Remember that one time you were billed for a meal you never ordered or don’t like? With Nosh Simple, you pay as you go with no minimum orders. No commitments, just commitment-free happiness delivered daily! Big flavors should have no strings attached.
Reason #10: With Less Time to Cook, Nosh Simple Frees Me to Chore Less, Flavor More
Does cooking feel like a chore? You’re not alone. Say goodbye to kitchen chaos of grocery deliveries, cooking and cleaning! Nosh Simple is here to make your life easier, one flavorful meal at a time. Delicious meals without the drama you see on Netflix! More 'me' time, less cooking time!
Reason #11: Nosh Simple Saves the Planet
Traffic in Houston isn’t getting any better: having thousands of vehicles delivering food every day is contributing to the air and noise pollution. Nosh Simple batches deliveries and only generates 1/100th of the carbon emissions. Reduce your carbon footprint one delicious meal at a time! Nosh Simple – where sustainability meets your plate. Eat guilt-free, save the planet.
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